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We are a new travel agency for travelers that want to visit Korea. We started our adventure on 24th Dec with the excitement of Christmas Eve.

Not many people think about Korea when they are looking for a travel destination, maybe because so many things are unknown. However, Korea has a lot to offer and we would love to show you how much, so the unknown becomes the known.

2K represents two Korean ladies, KIM and KWON.

KIM has been working in the tourism industry as a tour guide with expert knowledge of Korean culture and history. She is a people person, loves to meet new people and learn about other cultures, with a wide understanding of international manners and experience through her own overseas working, living and traveling.

KWON has been working for a travel agency, where she handled mice & international events, group and private tours. With her study, living in overseas countries and working experience, she will give you the best care and service you would expect.

We, the two Koreans, “KIM & KWON”, are now starting a new travel agency for those who want a quick reply, reasonable prices, best tour quality, deep impressions, and the joy of local food and culture.

We would like to give our clients the best experience that we would want to have. If you don’t know what to do in Korea, try us.

We hope 2K TRAVEL will give you an experience like a Christmas gift.




a heart to heart Journey

You might see two people on this logo facing each other and it represents a heart-to-heart journey

a journey of harmony

The upper red and lower blue represent Taeguek, the movement of yin and yang and we will provide you with a tour as lively as Taegeuk

a smiling journey

The blue shape shows a smiling, satisfying trip.

Photos ⓒKorea Tourism Organization – photographer (Hong Jong-pyo, Im Hongcheol)